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Tonal has obsessed over every detail to create a revolutionary home gym that combines AI training and personalized workouts to increase motivation and accelerate results that far outpace the competition. But having the best product was not enough. Their site was too similar to other home fitness brands and didn't work hard enough to meet the needs of the Tonal brand and their customers. As the primary driver of sales, Tonal needed a new e-commerce site that was strong, inspiring and persuasive to support their aspirations while encouraging the world to join them in shaping the future of fitness.

We weren't just redesigning a product site. We were crafting an immersive destination that tells an emotional product story with an intimate feel that invites you to explore the machine up close.An interactive experience that demonstrates the power of Tonal's personalized workouts, motivating you to unlock your own strength. A dynamic site that serves as a powerful expression of the Tonal brand.

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Execution Detail 1b.jpg
Execution Detail 2a.jpg
Execution Detail 2a.jpg
Execution Detail 3a.jpg
Execution Detail 2b.jpg
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